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New Wave Arts

We seek to illuminate and elevate the human experience through courageous and imaginative theatrical storytelling.


announces the beginning
of joint work on
a new project:
"The Cabal of Hypocrites"
based on the play by Mikhail Bulgakov.

A play about life og the great French playwright Jean
Baptiste Moliere, with original music
and choreography, with the participation of talented
artists, beloved and popular actors.
Directed by Alexander Notkin.
The play
is scheduled to run in
April - May 2025


Stay Tuned!



A fascinating international story, serendipitously brought together A Latvian Jewish man living in Germany to write a play in Russian language about a particularly fascinating period of French culture, a play about Charles Baudelaire, his infamous Flowers of Evil, about artist's life and struggles not only in life but after death as exemplified by his conflicts with Satan and st. Peter, all of that to be produced in New York for American audiences in Russian and English, with actors from Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Latvia etc.. A true soup of global culture intermixing in this cultural capital of the world - New York!



“Cyrano is an eternal love story that is well known all over the world. This time, we’ve skillfully matched the romantic tale with the hard-rock band The Blackfires, mixed in with classical music prowess from Jordi
Savall, all set to a modern poetic Russian adaptation by Tanya Lebedinskaya, creating one unforgettable show we hope you enjoy!” said producer and actress Zeyna Gagne. “We know that all our guests, including English-speaking ones, will find it entertaining, since the story of Cyrano is so universal - full of music, poetry, dance, and theater, which is the same in all the languages of the world!”

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