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About Us

The company New Wave arts is a non profit organization, which seeks to uncover the sparks of talent in each of our performers while also serving as a  light unto the audience.



The idea for New Wave Arts was conceived in the winter of 2019 when  Leo Grzhonko, Harvard graduate scholar and Zeyna Gagne with her long existing production company “Salon DZ”, actress/producer were acting in a show together and discovered their
shared dream of founding a theatre company that created original productions of the highest artistic value.  The two began planning and preparation, and the company formally launched their first production of the play “My Cyrano”, improvisation written by a popular New York writer Taniya Lebedinsky, inspired by and based on the famous heroic comedy of Edmond Rostand “Cyrano de Bergerac”.

The play “My Cyrano” had incredibly successful run in Manhattan at The West End Theater, where the company
became quickly known for its intimate, thought-provoking, and entertaining productions,
creating an evening that was as powerful as it was funny, projecting a sort of theatrical
magic loved by the audiences.
New Wave Arts also offered to their actors a Theatrical Laboratory conducted by Ilya Kozin, a
dedicated teacher and a follower of the World renown theatrical director Anatoly Vasiliev.





Our VISION  is the world where artistic performances are ubiquitous and can touch the heart of every human being.

Our MISSION is to put on show after show to please connoisseurs and layman alike. To narrate, in the ancient human tradition, the stories of our civilization and of the people that populate this blue planet we call home.

The company New Wave Arts is guided by these enduring values:

o We are strengthened by the diversity of human experiences, and how they come to the stage and change audiences.
o Our work is stronger by the many voices, perspectives, and experiences we bring to the organization, both on and off stage.
o The diverse and emerging voices of current and future theatre artists contribute to access
and experience.
Theatre is an Intimate Experience
o Theatre transforms individuals, fosters understanding, and creates opportunity for courageous conversations.
o Theatre empowers individuals through self-actualization, imagination, and empathy.
Theatre Artists and Audiences are Seen and Heard

o Artists’ work is valued and fairly compensated.
o We have a responsibility to inspire, mentor, and train the theatre artists of the future.
Artists Rise in Creative Playgrounds
o The work on and off the stage is pursued with honesty, vulnerability, and authenticity.
o Theatre is the practice of exploration and discovery, whether approaching a classic piece or a new work.

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