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My Cyrano

An improvisation adapted by Tanya Lebedinskaya from Edmond Rostand’s classic heroic comedy Cyrano de Bergerac. Presented in Russian with English supertitles, My Cyrano blends musical, dance, and theatrical performance in the style of Rock-Baroque.

“Cyrano is an eternal love story that is well known all over the world. This time, we’ve skillfully matched the romantic tale with the hard-rock band The Blackfires, mixed in with classical music prowess from Jordi Savall, all set to a modern poetic Russian adaptation by Tanya Lebedinskaya, creating one unforgettable show we hope you enjoy!” said producer and actress Zeyna Gagne. “We know that all our guests, including English-speaking ones, will find it entertaining, since the story of Cyrano is so universal - full of music, poetry, dance, and theater, which is the same in all the languages of the world!”

Adapted from Edmond Rostand’s classic comedy by Tanya Lebedinskaya, My Cyrano is directed by Mariya Kotlova, and includes music by hard-rock band The Blackfires. Also included in the production is "Marche Pour La Ceremonie Des Turcs” (J.B. Lully) played by Jordi Savall conducting Le concert Des Nations, from the album ‘Tous les matins du monde’ loaned by Alia Vox records.

The Blackfires’ front man Andrey ‘Cheggi’ Chegodaev leads the cast as Cyrano with Marina Wonder as Roxanne, and also features Leo Grine, Carlo Maria Velardi, Gala Orlovskaya, Zeyna Gagne, Badimir, Lev Grzhonko, Vadim Kroll, Valentina Kvasova, Nina Ros, and Anna Zinenko.

My Cyrano is produced by New Wave Arts, Zeyna Gagne, Lev Grzhonko, and Donya Khaselev. Salon DZ has delighted viewers in the past with unique conceptual productions from famous European actors such as Yuri Naumkin and Elena Solovey, as well as director Gary Chernyakhovsky, and more.”

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